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Create custom forms in minutes with Scout

Scout enables companies to monitor business operations digitally, thus eliminating cumbersome papers around the office. With features that help streamline your daily operations, your business will work for you, not the other way around.

  • Custom tailor forms to your company's needs
  • Easily integrate with your existing software
  • Manage forms from a smart phone or tablet
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What is Scout?

Scout is a supplement to your favorite field management software that brings added functionality and performance to the software you already know how to use. This product was designed to fill in the gaps left by the developers who created your field management software, as well as provide new services that will enable you to grow your business.


Popular Features

Scout delivers unrivaled functionality in the field and the office.
Here are some of the most popular Scout features based on feedback from our users.

Make the proposal

Add images, custom text, prices, and more, making it yours from start to finish. Easily swap out products, change formats, and customize to fit the customer's and company's needs.

Build Once,
Use Anywhere

Generated forms are retrievable from anywhere in the field where a data connection is attainable. No more lost forms or missing information.


Mandatory fields on your digital forms ensure you get all the information you need the first time, and it’s always legible.

Work online
or offline

No internet, no problem! Scout allows users to capture data and complete forms even when there is no internet access. Information will be uploaded once an internet connection is re-established.

Manage all your
data online

With our easy-to-use servers, your forms and documents are in good hands. File and sort your documents with ease in real time as they are uploaded.

Eliminate paper

Working from a digital workspace allows information to travel much faster than transferring pieces of paper back and forth. Cut down on wasted time when your documents and storage are in sync.

Dispatch to
your team

Coordinate with field technicians on the forms they need for the right job remotely. If a last-minute order comes in, you can adjust technicians routes remotely to never miss an opportunity.


Save time emailing customers by generating forms to email your customers for you. Automated email services allow you to focus on other tasks while Scout sends out banal, yet important e-mails to your customers.


Present completed forms to customers in a slick and professional way by creating PDF documents rather than creating clutter for your customer with paper forms.

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