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Create custom forms in minutes with Scout.

Scout enables field and home service companies to gain more time in their day-to-day operations by streamlining workflow with paperless forms. Build work orders, agreements, and other fillable forms necessary to your business. Dispatch work orders and other critical data to the field automatically without missing a beat. Scout helps your company work for you.

  • Customize forms and work orders to your company's needs
  • Dispatch to your techs on-the-go to boost field communication
  • Manage your data, forms, contracts, and paperless documents mobily
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What is Scout?

Scout is a supplement to your favorite field management software. It helps you go totally paperless and easily enhance the productivity of your business. Scout lets you digitize and streamline work orders, fillable forms, agreements, and other important information to your techs on the field. You can automatically share data for a seamless integration between the field and back office. Turn your forms into PDFs, easy to print, email, and share with current and prospective customers. Track all your data in one place, and easily adjust to fit what your business needs.


Popular Features

Scout delivers unrivaled functionality in the field and the office.
Here are some of the most popular Scout features based on feedback from our users.

Digitally Record Important
Job Insights

Instantly update job info with relevant information for your techs. Include past job history, features about the property, and other important information that your techs need to get the job done right.

Build Once,
Use Anywhere

Generated forms are retrievable from anywhere in the field where a data connection is available. No more lost forms or missing information.


Include mandatory fields on your digital forms to ensure you get all the information you need the first time around. Since the form is digital, there’s no need to worry about illegible handwriting or soiled papers.

Work online
or offline

No internet, no problem! Forms can be completed without having to worry about a connection. Plus, data is automatically updated and sent once a connection is reestablished.

Manage all your
data in one place

Securely store your forms and documents on your own software system without ever having to worry about missing documents or papers again. Your files save instantly, allowing you to sort and manage them in real-time.

Eliminate paper

Save more time than you thought possible. Eliminating paper processing and hours spent inputting data gives your techs more time to complete jobs, acquire more jobs, and grow your business.

Dispatch to
your team

Keep an open line of communication with your field technicians when they are on a call. When last-minute orders come in, adjust technicians’ routes remotely  and never miss a job opportunity.


Save time by generating forms to email your customers for you. Automated email services allow you to focus on other tasks while Scout sends out important e-mails to your customers.


Digital forms work as fillable PDFs, allowing you easily to save, secure, and share them with customers, techs, and everyone in between.

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